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The Old Hospital On College Hill
Williamson, WV

Overlooking the city of Williamson, WV sits a old hospital that has seen its share of changes in the past years. 

Build on College Hill in 1928 after the first Williamson Memorial Hospital was destroyed in a fire, this hospital was the only medical facility in Williamson for the next approximated 60 years.

In 2014 The Old Hospital On College Hill was closed and converted into a storage facility. 

The Old Hospital On College Hill has been featured on the Discovery Channel's series "Destination Fear." The residents of Williamson has seen ghostly figures in the windows of the hospital and has also seen the lights flicker on and off at times. 

Lieutenant Garnet Richmond was shot and killed when he and a fellow officer responded to a disturbance call at a restaurant downtown. A man had been arguing with his wife. The suspect shot Lieutenant Richmond in the head as him and his fellow officer walked toward him while he was sitting in his car. Richmond's fellow officer returned fire and injured the suspect. The suspect was transported to The Old Hospital On College Hill where he a week later suffered severe injuries when from what the stories say, leaped from his rooms window located on the third floor. There has been a lot of speculation on whether he jumped or the Lieutenants fellow officers threw him from the window. Lieutenant Garnet Richmond was only 43 years old.

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The Old Hospital On College Hill Contact Information

Address: 650 Mullberry ST, Williamson WV 25661

Contact Phone Number: 1- (304) - 953 - 0987


All Information and pictures are credited to The Old Hospital On College Hill. The pictures and information used does not belong to Mountaineer Paranormal.

Below you will find a interactive google map that will take you directly to this location.

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